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Newsletter    October    23,    2000


Hey everyone,

Just dropping a quick line letting ya know we are all still alive.  As most of you 
already heard, Lunatics On Powertrips is THE OFFICIAL FAN CLUB for Samantha 7.  
We are band approved and will be band supported.  Right now it is hard for us 
to do band related things with them on the road.  Once spring comes and they get 
off the road, we will better be able to communicate with Krys and the guys for what 
path they exactly want.  One thing that they have said several times in that they 
want the fan club to be free.  One step that we can think of to keep it that way 
is if you really want or know someone who is not on the net and needs a hard copy 
of the newsletter, you can send a self addressed stamped envelop to us and we 
can mail you a black and white copy of the newsletter.  Upon receiving 
your newsletter, just send another SASE to us and we will set it aside until 
we get a new newsletter out.  

For now, while we wait for the tour to end, we will continue working on the web 
site.  Haley and I have over 100 photos from the Waunakee show to post.  
They are extremely clear and damn good shots.  We are currently looking for 
a good way to display them and the time to scan them all in.  If you want your 
photos of yourself with the guys or your show photos, please email us and we will 
let ya know when we are ready for them.  If you do not have access to a scanner, 
you can snail mail them to us and we will get them back to you if you include a 
SASE.  Also we would like show reviews from all over the country, so send those 
in as well.  With anything that goes on the Internet, please let us know how 
you would like them listed and/or credited.  If you don't all we can go by is 
your email address.  The last new thing that will be added to the web site is 
an archive of old newsletters.  That will be up and linked within the next week.  

Is there anything else anyone would like from the fan club for the time being?  
Is there anything else you would like on the web site?  Pipe up.  Let us know.  
Any major things do have to be cleared by Krys, Francis and C*C* so if it is 
a major request, please be prepared to wait a bit before you see the change.  

Lastly there are new dates constantly being added.  Below are the current 
dates that were listed as of the writing of this message.  Keep visiting for current dates.

October 23 - Parma OH - Revelation - NEW
October 24 - East Dubuque - The Arena - NEW
October 26 - Tampa FL - Planet Rock
October 27 - Ft Lauderdale FL - Culture Room
October 28 - Melbourne FL - The Hustler
October 31 - Jacksonville FL - "618"
November 02 - Port Jefferson NY - Village Pub
November 03 - Lebanon PA - Alexandria's
November 10 - Phoenix AZ - The Hole
November 25 - Sacramento CA - The Boardwalk - NEW

More dates to be added VERY soon! Watch out for more European Dates, including 
a UK tour and a January US Tour.


February 17 - England - London - Astoria
February 18 - Belgium - Voselaar- Beibob
February 27 - Germany - Hamburg - Markthalle
March 08 - Germany - Munich - Georg Elser Halle
March 09 - Germany - Mannheim - Capitol
March 11 - Italy - Milan - Tunnel


If you are going to be out at any of these shows, and wish to help promote 
the fan club, let me know.  I have a word file that you can print out and hand 
out to people at the show.  It has the fan club info as well as the official 
Sam 7 site (red hot's) and the Sony site addresses on it.  I will email it 
to you if you are interested.

Thanks for the support everyone!
Cindy Steinle and Haley Honeyager
Co-Presidents of the Official UnOfficial Samantha 7 Fan Club
Lunatics on Powertrips Newsletter
Cindy Steinle
c/o Lunatics on Powertrips
PO BOX 341026
Milwaukee WI 53234-1026