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IGUANA TIMES Summer 2001 Issue 1 Volume 1 Editor and Writer: Cynthia Steinle Contact information as follows: PO Box 341026 Milwaukee WI 53234-1026

WELCOME TO OUR FIRST Things have just begun! This is the first National Iguana Awareness Day (Wisconsin Chapter) newsletter ever! I would like to begin by thanking you for being interested enough in Iguana care that you picked this up. As the time goes by I do expect that this will be bigger and better each issue. There will always be at least one basic care article and there will always be a list of Iguanas currently for adoption. I will also do pet store reviews. If you are a storeowner and would like your store reviewed, please feel free to contact me. I will do an initial review and report that you will receive and have one month to take into consideration the suggestions regarding your Iguana friendliness, and attempt to make changes that will benefit the animals. Also if you are a storeowner, feel free to contact me regarding free care handouts. This is just the beginning. Subscriptions are free of charge. Just send a SASE to the post office box listed above. As soon as you receive your next issue, send another SASE. Just as easy as that!

Now please enjoy the newsletter!

Cindy Steinle Wisconsin NIAD Coordinator NIAD Times Editor Iguana Educator

What exactly Is NIAD?

Well that is a very good question. It is an International Volunteer run organization that runs basically off the Internet to help provide care advice and educational information. It was started about 3 years ago as a day to educate. Some areas throughout the US have expanded that to a full year of education. Wisconsin happens to be one of those areas. We offer assistance in placing unwanted iguanas, free care information, free help calls, and free educational displays. As the state coordinator I am the most active member. I have worked with the Milwaukee Public Museum for Snake Days 2000; Elm-brook Humane Society for last year’s NIAD, as well as the Chicago Herpetological Society for the past 2 years. I also have a relationship with a few pet stores in the area. Everything that is done by Wisconsin NIAD is done free of charge. We are not non-profit and therefore everything we do is done out of love for the Iguanas. There is a yearly NIAD demonstration somewhere. I am attempting to put together a weekend of education, so keep your eyes posted to fliers on that where you found this newsletter. As always, feel free to contact NIAD with any questions or requests.

Calendar of Events

September 7, 2002: NIAD Celebrated with an afternoon of education at HAWS. 1pm to 5pm. Feel free to visit, but leave your pets at home! Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha WI


September 8, 2001: NIAD celebrated with an afternoon of education at the Elm- brook Humane Society. 1pm to 5pm. Feel free to visit, but leave your pets at home! Elm-brook Humane Society, 21210 Enterprise Ave, Brookfield. (262) 782-9261

Iguanas for Adoption

1 juvenile, possibly male Iguana. Approximately 10 inches SVL. Mild Neglect at previous owner. Skittish at first approach but tames well after few moments of handling. Currently in foster care in Kenosha. We at NIAD often have access to several iguanas as well as the occasional ball python. For an application, please send a SASE envelope to the address on the front of this newsletter, or ask if the store has any applications available for you. We are also always on the lookout for foster homes. If you own your home and are interested in providing short-term care until placement can be made, please contact us.

Summer Safety

With summer fast upon us, I would like to address some common problems with herps and summer. Now this is not just for Iguanas, but basically for all reptiles as well as mammalian pets. With summer comes high temperatures and hot sun. Many people think this is perfect weather for reptiles and in a way it is. But there are a few considerations to look at. Everything can get over-heated if left out in the sun for too long and that includes reptiles. If you are looking at using an outdoor tank, please be sure to provide an area that is always out of the direct sunlight. Reptiles thermoregulate and therefore need to escape to a cooler area occasionally. Be sure that the enclosure's sides are not made of glass, Plexiglas, plastic or anything else that is transparent. This can raise the temperature to dangerous levels and can cause death. It is the same as a car that has been in the sun with the windows closed.Move any glass enclosures out of direct sunlight in your home as well to prevent overheating. Be sure, no matter where the cage is that you supply a decent amount of fresh water. Iguanas need water at all times. Check all screens in your home to be sure they are strong and secure before you leave your iguana free roam. I get about 15 or so reports of Iguanas falling out of windows in summer months. Their nails are also capable of tearing through the screening very easily leaving an easy escape. If you choose to use a leash, be sure to work with the iguana for several weeks before taking them outside with it. Take the Ig in an enclosed, quiet area and begin getting them just to wearing it. Iguanas are still basically wild animals and they do not take to restraint well. If you feel you just MUST take Iggy in public, please know the laws in your area as well as consideration for those not comfortable with reptiles. Lastly, above all else the single most important rule of summer is DO NOT LEAVE YOUR IGUANA UNATTENDED ANYWHERE! As I stress regularly, they are wild animals, and therefore the need a bit more attention than domesticated pets.


Pets ‘N Things 5869 S. Packard, Cudahy 414-481-5585 Offers nail trimmings, supplies, etc… NIAD APPROVED

Elm Brook Veterinary Clinic Dr. Kevin Ruch 325 Janacek Road, Brookfield 262-786-8460 Current up to date knowledge. Reasonable rates, NIAD APPROVED


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