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Iguana Times Wisconsin National Iguana Awareness Day Newsletter Volume 2 Summer 2002 Editor: Cindy Steinle State Coordinator: Cindy Steinle

What’s new with NIAD?

Well this past year has been a bit of reformation for NIAD. Our International Coordinator stepped down and did not choose a successor. What does this mean for Wisconsin NIAD? Absolutely nothing. Our group is still functioning as it has in the past. We are still an active educational group as well as an adoption and rescue resource. There is still a coordinator as well as volunteers and members. We still provide free care information through shows, pet stores, vet clinics and the Internet. So fear not, Wisconsin NIAD is still alive and well. If you are in the Illinois area, Wisconsin NIAD and Chicago Herpetological Society are your resources for education and adoptions.


Iguanas for Dummies: Melissa Kaplan

For many years Melissa has been known as the guru of iguana care on the Internet. Her care pages have been a staple of Iguana ownership and her Iguana Care Fact Sheet on the net is one of the most comprehensive sites to be found. Melissa learned the hard way, following the old rules of ownership with poor care she lost her first iguana. But she did learn from her mistakes and very well I might add. Her Dummies book is very basic. It is written in much the same manner as James Hatefield’s “Green Iguana: The Ultimate Owners Manual” is. It is a quick reference manual for those familiar with the work and an excellent read through book for beginners. She incorporates some great photos and excellent advice from people off of the IML (Iguana Mailing List). Like Hatfield’s, she has information that is usually left out ofbooks. Also included are several very helpful lists such as a toxic and edible plant list, Internet resources, and lists of 10’s. I strongly suggest this book even if you have other books. It makes a wonderful companion to James Hatfield’s book. It can usually be found at Barnes and Nobles, however if they do not have it in stock, they will order it for you. If you are net active, please consider ordering it off Melissa’s own website. Doing so helps cover her operating costs. To do this, go to and find the Iguanas for Dummies Icon. Cost of the book is $19.99.

How do I Become Involved With Wisconsin NIAD?

Our group’s membership is free. The best way however to become involved is through the Internet and email. NIAD is not a non-profit group currently, so we basically operate in ways that are free and readily accessible. The Internet is basically a free resource. You can check out our website at or email me at for learn more. I can be reached at 414-708-8698 as well for direct questions relating to care emergencies, or adoptions. Newsletter and membership cards can be obtained through our mailing address by sending a self addressed stamped 9.5 inch envelop to: Cindy Steinle Wisconsin NIAD Coordinator PO 341026 Milwaukee WI 53234-1026 Email updates are free of charge. Just email with your city and a request to join the mailing list. Although NIAD is not Non-Profit yet, there are things that you can do to help. Old cages or aquariums are always welcome for our foster homes. Things such as photocopies, printer paper, pocket folders, report binders, and especially postage stamps are always welcome and needed. We can always use people to “walk the beat” for us as well. Please contact me for more help ideas.


NIAD Iguana care book is now available. Cost is $3.00 in person or $5.00 via mail. 19 pages long it is a good basic care reference. Charges only cover cost of manufacturing and/or mailing. Stores may purchase and photocopy for their own sale if desired. We also have many different one page care sheets available. Contact Cindy for more info.

Please Support these NIAD Approved Businesses

Elmbrook Veterinary Clinic Dr. Kevin Ruch 325 Janacek Road Brookfield WI 262-786-8460

Pet’s ‘N Things 5869 S. Packard Avenue Cudahy WI 414-481-5585 Services - Nail Trimming By Appointment. Rescue available depending on space. Majority of reptiles and small animals are rescued animals.

Pet Supplies ‘N More S83 W20411 Janesville Road Muskego WI 262-679-6776 Services - Many Education Events for all species of Pets. Nail Trimming is available at all NIAD Events for a donation. Also carries Many natural diets such as Wellness, Canidae, Wysong among others for cats and dogs.


We are currently preparing a review system for pet stores and veterinary clinics. We feel that word of mouth is the best advertisement. If you visit a pet store that you want reviewed, good or bad please contact me with the information of that store. Our whole goal in this endeavor is to get the proper care info and healthy animals out to people. If a store is giving poor information or has poor care habits, we will offer advice to the owners. Chains and Franchises often can not change the information they get out however; we can let people know if they take poor care of the animals. Smaller privately owned stores on the other hand can change, and often are unaware of the growing changes in Iguana Care. A form is available on request for you to do your own review. Otherwise you may request a review. Stores that pass will receive a certificate of Iguana Friendliness from NIAD to hang in their Reptile Department. Watch for future store reviews.

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