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Welcome to the Lunatics on Powertrips Road Reports. Here we will list what the fans think of the shows, Good or bad. To have yourself included in this area of the club, please email us at with shows as the subject and we will be sure to include what you have to say. Be sure to include the signature you want as well as the city, state and venue you saw the guys. To return to the main website, just click the back button on your browser.

Anyway, in the early afternoon on the day of the show my friends and I headed to the club so we could try to catch them at sound check. We parked right by the bus and walked right in the back door. To our amazement, CC, Francis, Krys and Michael were tuning up their instruments and getting ready for sound check. It was kind of hard to see if that was actually them, so my friend Allison said "Is that CC?". Then all of a sudden we heard "Who is that? Come down here!" in that oh-so-lovable New York accent. LOL It was CC alright! We walked down the ramp to the stage and we were standing their talking to CC, I went over and introduced myself to Krys and he gave me one of the nicest hugs I've ever had in my life….I just about melted right then and there. J Then we introduced ourselves to Francis who was also very nice. We stood on the stage and chatted with them for about 10 or 15 minutes until they had to do sound check. It was so cool because they treated us like we were old friends, they were very nice to us. We had to move down onto the floor for them to do sound check, but we watched the whole thing and it was incredible! The stage is 8 feet high so my pics didn't turn out as good as I would have liked, but we were there and having a great time. CC started singing this silly song about eating soup and how he had to have his crackers with his soup. Then he added a little verse that said "And I want to eat you….Laura" as he was pointing to me! I about died of embarrassment right there! I couldn't believe he said that! He's so crazy!

We ended up leaving sound check to go back to our hotel to change. We stopped and got a cake, a card, balloons and some flowers to give to Krys for his birthday. When we got back to the club, we immediately saw Krys so we walked over to him and gave him his birthday balloons and the card. He loved them!!! I think he especially liked what we wrote in the card. ;) We stood there and talked to him for a very long time and Francis came out to chat with us for a bit too. After they got back on the bus to change for the show, that's when we got the cake and flowers. We knocked on the door and Krys and Francis (who wasn't wearing a shirt by the way…grrrrr) came to the door. We gave him the cake and flowers and told him happy birthday. Once again he looked kind of shocked that we did that for him, but it was so sweet the way he looked at us. J While we were standing by the bus a guy from the band Eleventh Hour who opened that night gave us tickets for free, that was cool of him. So, we decided to go in so we could see their band play. They were very good! Allison, Angie, Amy and I were all dancing on the kick ass dance floor in between bands and having a blast. One of the radio guys ended up getting Allison and Angie and having them sit on the side of the stage during the S7 show.S7 finally came on and they blew us away!!!! They did such a great job! Everything sounded perfect! Right before they started to play Slave Laura Krys looked at me and pointed at me….he said "This is your song Laura!". AHHHHH!!!!!!!! I was in heaven! We were dancing and having a great time! It was a very fun show. CC then said "Okay, who wants to come on stage and sing with us?". Of course me and Amy went running for the side of the stage so we could get up there. We ran so fast to the door that it was hard to stop and I actually ran into one of the security guards. LMAO! He said, "This isn't football ladies". Hahaha Then they actually tried to tell us to go back because we couldn't go up there. Then CC told them it was cool and to let us up. We ran up there and got on Krys' mic with Angie and Allison. We started singing and having a great time, but where was Krys? He was playing behind us so Allison went back there and grabbed him so he could sing with us. He was right in the middle of all these girls. LOL Of course my hand was on his back roaming around. Hehehehe

After the show the guys came out for a meet and greet and they were so cool to everybody. I was able to get a pic and signature from every guy. CC was constantly surrounded so I didn't get to talk to him much, but Krys and Francis talked to us for a long time. I even told Francis that I knew about his foot fetish. LOL He said "How do you know about that?" in a shocked voice. So I told him that it was ALL over the internet! Hahaha He actually started getting really fidgety and nervous when we started talking about feet….it was so cute! Shortly before that I was sure to give Francis a "squeeze" for Sue. It was so nice that all of us girls had to do it…at the same time!!!!!! I have a very good feeling that he liked that…A LOT!!!!!! I also got a few sweet little kisses from Krys throughout the night too. ;) Anyway, CC had already got on the bus so we gave Krys and Francis a nice hug goodbye and headed off to our car. As we were leaving, we rolled down the windows and waved bye, honked the horn and screamed. LOL Someone, I don't know who, ran up to the drivers seat of the bus and started honking back.

Overall it was a great night! I had so much fun and I can't wait to see them again!!!!!

Laura AKA Poison1987