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Hello Lunatics!

This is where you will find the newsletters that are sent out via email or snail mail. To receive these newsletters by email, drop a line to with add me in the subject line. If you wish to receive on by snail mail (your regular postal delivery) you now can!!! What you need to do is mail a self addressed stamped envelop (minimal 5" x 7") to the address listed below. Every 4 months I will run a mailing with all the newsletter that have gone out on the net. These will be black and white, but we may throw in some photos or drawings. The text will be the same. The lay out will be more like a newsletter. Once you receive one in the mail, be sure to resend another SASE. We will file it away and in a few months send you another newsletter.

Cindy Steinle

C/O Lunatics On Powertrips
PO Box 341026
Milwaukee, WI 53234-1026
United States

Click on Date below to see the newsletter for that day.

First ever newsletter. Sorry, forgot to date it.:
October 4, 2000:
October 23, 2000 mini newsletter: