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I have found in talking to people over the net that it is hard to find a GOOD vet with a lot of experience in treating Iguanas. So what I did was poll NIAD members about the best vet in their area. I hope that this section will help a lot of people. Each page is divided in groups of states. This section will be under a permanant form of construction.

State Pages

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, and Arkansas:
California, Colorado, Conneticut, and Deleware:
District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, and Hawaii:
Idaho, Illinios, Indiana, and Iowa:
Kansas, Loiusiana, Maine, and Maryland:
Massechutes, Michigan, Minnesota, and Mississippi:
Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, and Nevada:
New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, and New York:
North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, and Oregon:
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and South Dakota:
Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Vermont:
Virgina, Washinton, and West Virgina:
Wisconsin and Wyoming:

Please contact me at to make any additions to this list.

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